Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet Sunday!

Aren't these the cutest?
I'm really loving mine and Emery's new tradition of Sweet Saturday or Sweet Sunday.  This is week 3 of sweetness...
The first week was rice kripy treats
Week 2 was mini lemon cupcakes
Isn't Emery's mini tea set the cutest?  My mom sent it to her for Valentines Day and she loves to bring me and John pretend tea and coffee...she always tells me that mine has coconut creamer in it, she knows me well!

Anywho...back to these....

I was inspired by my favorite blogger who made these for her "treat tuesdays".  Yes, she also inspired me for our sweet saturdays/sundays!   She put hers on a stick, but the ones I got were too thick and broke the oreos. All we did was microwave some pink candy melts, dip some double stuff oreos, and sprinkle away!  Emery's a LOT of "help"...

She LOVES the the top photo she's shoveling them into her mouth as quickly as she can.  The bottom one is after she promised not to eat anymore so she wouldn't be banned from helping!  :)  

Mmmmm...Leeland can't wait till he's big enough to join in on sweet day!

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