Friday, July 22, 2011

So I copied Prudent Baby this morning and made Emery a "cupcake waffle".  She LOVED it!  PB made hers w/a pancake and chocolate chips....I went with a waffle and blueberries instead.  So simple sometimes to make a tot feel happy and special!

Okay Emery, pose w/your breakfast!  And your beautiful morning mullet!

And now you can go for it!

Speaking of cupcakes....I have to share my very cute new jewelry holder I found at Joanns for only 8 dollars. It reminds me of a cupcake stand, I think thats why it makes me so happy!

Now all my very valuable forever 21 jewelry can be on display instead of spread throughout messy drawers of qtips and toothpaste If only I knew somebody who sold stella and dot!  Oh wait...I do, would you care for her business card?  :)

I had grand plans to make something like this, but since I have no tools, and this was so cheap/cute I think rolled flower headbands for Emery will be my next project!


  1. Yayay! I want a waffle cupcake!!!

  2. will you make me one of those for breakfast next time i visit?