Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I had such a fun weekend, so happy that my sister lives a few hours away so she could come and entertain us while John works so hard to get the store finished.  

We (I) had big plans to fulfill all the crafty ideas my new blog reading has inspired in me...instead we took a lot of trips to see John and Elements in Puyallup, and enjoyed the sunshine!

My new favorite sunny day activity is the Puyallup wading pool.  I love our new sprayground at Wright Park, especially since it's only minute walk away, but Emery is less overwhelmed with this....maybe because there aren't 100 kids there at a time.

oops..Asher didn't quite make it into this one...

Maybe I should find my sunglasses.

Auntie Holly before she changed into her string bikini and did some laps...(true or false?)

So cute...these poses are all her own!

Hug?  A little bit of an akward one...

I love Jaxon's expressions and poses!

The fancy bloomers Grandma sent are getting some good use!

This next one's my favorite....looks like she's trying to be a baywatch model.
So happy we ran into Sadie too!

Hoping this rain doesn't last long so we can enjoy more days like this!  And thank you Willa for forgetting your swimsuit at our house so Emery could look this cute!


  1. false! if that were true i'm sure i would be all scraped up now.

  2. Haha...I thought yould like that Holly! Or...unknown...